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Nurse Refresher Programs for RN’s

The Nurse Refresher Program (NRP) was created  over 40 years ago by nurse educators throughout Idaho.  It is copyrighted by Idaho Alliance of Leaders in Nursing (IALN) and sponsored by Nurse Leaders of Idaho (NLI).  The NLI Education Committee, provides guidance and direction to the NRP.

Course Information:

This program is designed to meet the needs of nurses who wish to return to active practice, or reactivate a license, but who do not have access to, or cannot attend formal classes. Through self-study,  RNs and LPNs can update their knowledge to meet the requirements of a nursing board or simply acquire a degree of confidence and security before employment. There are three components to the course: (1) self-study modules (2) post-test and (3) clinical preceptorship which must be completed within a two-year time frame.  The modules and post-test must be completed before the clinical component is arranged.

The Nurse Refresher Program is approved by the Idaho, Nevada, and Utah State Boards of Nursing.  The NLI does not guarantee that this course of study will meet the requirements in your state. You must contact your state board of nursing to determine if these programs meet the requirements for your state.

Course Description:

Each module includes a pre-test, objectives for learning, narrative, and a self-assessment test. A list of recommended supplemental reading is also included. Depending on the individual, most modules require a minimum of two hours to complete, excluding supplemental reading.

Upon completion of the self-study modules a post-test may be purchased. This test must be completed and returned to the NLI office for review and grading. The results of the post-test will be sent to the student as well as the Board of Nursing for the state in which the student is seeking licensure.

After successful completion of the post-test, the student may be required to complete a clinical component. For southwest Idaho residents, a clinical placement service is offered for a fee. Those not in southwest Idaho must arrange this preceptorship independently and in accordance with the board of nursing in their state. Clinical Placement is not Guaranteed.  Do not pay placement fee until you are placed in a clinical site.   Students who are not in SW Idaho or who have restrictions against their license are advised to contact a clinical site prior to ordering modules.


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Suggested Text for the RN Refresher Course
The RN Refresher course suggests the purchase of the text, Lippincott Manual Of Nursing Practice by Sandra M. Nettina. The latest Edition can be utilized for this course. These books are available in bookstores or can be purchased online.

Purchase the Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice online at Amazon


If you have questions, please contact Karin Iuliano, Director of Operations, nurserefresher@nurseleaders.org or (208) 367-1171.