The Nurse Refresher Program is copyrighted by the Idaho Alliance of Leaders in Nursing and sponsored by the Nurse Leaders of Idaho.

The IALN was created in 2004 when two long-standing nursing organizations merged:  the Idaho Commission on Nursing and Nursing Education and the Idaho Organization of Nurse Executives.   The vision of this new organization is to be “the driving force for excellence in nursing”.  The organization’s mission is focused on assuring a quality nursing workforce “… by bringing together nursing leaders from education, practice, research and industry to address workforce and workplace issues”.

Prior to the creation of IALN in 2004, the Nurse Refresher Program was administered by the Idaho Commission on Nursing and Nursing Education.

The NLI and IALN:

  • Serves as a “unified voice” for nurse leaders from all patient care settings, nursing education, nursing research, quality improvement, community health, primary care, regulation, and health advocacy.
  • Directs the Idaho Nursing Workforce Center, which assesses and plans for educating more nurses in Idaho, analyzing and reporting comprehensive nursing workforce data.
  • Coordinates the Nurse Refresher Program for nurses returning to the workplace.
  • Supports the articulation of Idaho nursing education programs.
  • Serves as the clearinghouse/communication link for nurse leaders throughout the state, providing information on leadership conferences, workshops, and grant opportunities
  • Maintains national affiliation with the American Organization of Nurse Executives.

For more information about IALN and NLI, go to www.nurseleaders.org.