You need to complete the Authorization Form for the state in which you are seeking licensure.

The RN Refresher Course and LPN Refresher Course both cost $2,570. The LPN Equivalency Course costs $250.

NRP does not offer financial aid or payment plans. If you are an Idaho resident, you might qualify for the Idaho Launch Grant through the Idaho Workforce Development Council, which could potentially cover up to 80% of the program costs. More information is availalbe on the “About” page of our website.

The LPN Equivalency Course is designed for RN students who want to take the LPN NCLEX and work as a practical nurse by equivalency. Interested students must have completed one to two semesters of an RN program, depending on which courses have been taken. The course consists of one module and a post-test, and no clinical rotation is required. This course is only availalbe in Idaho, and you should contact the Idaho Board of Nursing for more information.

Didactic Component

Email the Program Coordinator at nurserefresher@nurseleaders.org with any questions. If the Program Coordinator cannot answer your question, it will be referred to our Clinical Coordinator for a response.

No, these self-assessments are for your own reference to understand what you may need to re-study. You only need to submit the pre-clinical post-test at the end.

You must earn an 80% to pass the pre-clinical post-test.

If you fail the pre-clinical post-test, you will be given feedback on the nursing care plan and one additional attempt at submission.

Pre-Clinical Requirements

You may ask your healthcare provider to test your blood for titers.

Contact the Program Coordinator at nurserefresher@nurseleaders.org for more information.

You may select the waiver option when you submit all the other pre-clinical documents.

If you have previously had chicken pox, you may complete an attestation statement in place of a vaccination record. This option is available when you submit all the other pre-clinical documents.

Clinical Rotation

Try reaching out to an employee in the “education” or “student” department at a local hospital. Non-hospital clinical sites must be pre-approved by our Clinical Coordinator, unless you are reactivating a LPN license.

The purpose of the required clinical hours is to provide an objective assessment of the participant’s current level of knowledge and safe practice. The preferred option is for clinical hours to be completed at an entirely different healthcare organization; this allows for the most objective review. In some cases, it may be permissible to complete the clinical hours at your regular place of employment, but they must be completed in a different department than the regular work department.

For example: a nurse is working as a CNA on a med/surg unit while working to reinstate their license. The NRP required clinical hours could not be completed in their “home” med/surg unit. It may be permissible for the clinical hours to be completed in another department (such as ED, PACU, POHA, etc.). 

No. Clinical hours must be unpaid, as another method of increasing the assessment’s objectivity and decreasing risk of bias.

If you are an RN, your preceptor must be an RN. If you are an LPN, your preceptor may be either an LPN or RN.


You have one year from the date of enrollment to complete the didactic component and clinical rotation. The clinical portion should be completed within eight weeks of the clinical start date. Extensions may be granted at the discretion of the NRP.

Nurse Refresher Program (NRP) recognizes that career aspirations or other life circumstances can change and may occasionally warrant a refund. All refunds must follow the procedures outlined in this policy. To qualify for a 100% refund, NRP participants must request a refund within 30 days of original purchase date. No refunds will be considered after 30 days of original purchase date. NRP participants must also initiate the refund before submitting their pre-clinical post-test. No refunds will be considered after submitting the pre-clinical post-test, even if it is within 30 days of the original purchase date. To request a refund, email nurserefresher@nurseleaders.org. All refunds will be applied back to the original payment method.

Contact nurserefresher@nurseleaders.org with additional questions.