The Nurse Refresher Program (NRP) was created  over 40 years ago by nurse educators throughout Idaho.  The program was originally administered by the Area Health Education Consortium (AHEC) and the Idaho Board of Nursing (IBN) and housed at the Boise Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC).  It has subsequently been administered by the Idaho Commission on Nursing and Nursing Education (ICNNE), Idaho State University-Boise, Eastern Idaho Technical College (EITC), and now is owned and administered by the Idaho Alliance of Leaders in Nursing (IALN) which is a “sister” organization to Nurse Leaders of Idaho (NLI).  The Idaho Council of Nurse Educators, a committee of the NLI, provides guidance and direction to the NRP.

Our students are nurses (RN’s or LPN’s) who were once licensed, but let their license lapse or go inactive.  This is most likely due to some change in life circumstances—raising a family, inability to find a job, etc.  In order to return their license to active status, their State Board of Nursing may require that they complete an approved nurse refresher course.  The NLI Nurse Refresher Program is approved by Boards of Nursing in Idaho, Nevada  and Utah and informally accepted in some other states.  Other nurses may still have an active license, but may have been out of clinical practice or working in a non-clinical setting.  They may feel they need a refresher course to brush up on their knowledge and skills.  Still, other nurses may have an active license and have no requirement of a regulatory board, but their employer may require a refresher course for their own needs.

No.  If a nurse has been out of clinical practice for a certain number of years they may not be eligible for a refresher course and may need to be directed to an instructor-led course through an established nursing program.  It is important to contact your State Board of Nursing to confirm that you are eligible for the NRP before purchasing the program.

The program content is revised every two years.

Brochures describing the program and listing the content of each module (chapter) in the texts are posted on this website.

The most recent edition of the Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice is recommended to complete the RN Refresher Program.  This text is available at bookstores and on-line booksellers such as Amazon.com.

The clinical preceptorship is usually completed at a facility that provides general medical/surgical care.  A list of the skills to be covered in the clinical experience is posted on this website.  A packet of information is sent to each student at the time they take the final test.  This packet provides helpful information necessary to schedule your clinical experience, along with all the forms that must be completed throughout the preceptorship. Students who are residents of Southwest Idaho may purchase Clinical Placement services for an additional fee.  When this service is purchased, our Clinical Coordinator sets up the preceptorship for you.  Clinical placement is not a guaranteed service.  Pay your fee only when it is certain you have been placed at a clinical site.

You have two years from the date the material is sent to you to complete the theory, final test, and clinical preceptorship.  The average time for students to complete the program is approximately 8 months.   The clinical portion needs to be completed within 8 weeks of clinical start date.

Email the Program Coordinator if you have questions. Email: nurserefresher@nurseleaders.org.

If the Program Coordinator cannot answer your question, it will be referred to our Clinical Coordinator for a response.