Registered Nurse Refresher Program

Module 1: Nursing in Idaho Today
Legal aspects of nursing practice, accountability, and responsibility to clients and employers, profes­sional standards, trends and issues in education, expanding roles and practice.

Module 2: Basic Skills Checklist A pre-work assessment of basic nursing skills to assist the nurse in determining learning needs.

Module 3: Patient Assessment Nursing examination and evaluation of patient’s physical and psychosocial status.

Module 4: Nursing Care Plans and Documentation Nursing histories, care plans, problem-oriented recording, nursing audits.

Module 5: Diagnostic Tests Update on laboratory testing techniques, patient preparation, and results.

Module 6: Intravenous Therapy Venipuncture techniques, fluid and electrolyte re­view, I.V. solutions and equipment, nursing care.

Module 7: Pharmacology   Drug therapy, drug category review, preparation and administration, nursing role, legal aspects.

Licensed Practical Nurse Program

Module 1: Nursing in Idaho Today

Module 2: Anatomy and Physiology

Module 3: Skills for the LPN

Module 4: The Nursing Process

Module 5: Medication Administration

Module 6: Diagnostic Tests

Module 7: Geriatric Nursing

Module 8: Stress Management and Human Sexuality

Module 9: Patient Care Scenarios

Suggested Text for the RN Refresher Course

The RN Refresher course suggests the purchase of the latest version of the Lippincott Manual Of Nursing Practice by Sandra M. Nettina.

These books are available in bookstores or can be purchased online.

Purchase the Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice online at Amazon

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